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What is seasoned?

seasoned! is fresh, ready-to-cook meal kits. Complete with washed, chopped and single-portioned high quality ingredients to cook a delicious meal for one.

Delivered straight to your door and with easy one pot cooking instructions so you can enjoy a healthy homemade meal, ready in about 10 minutes. Serve in our compostable sugarcane bowl. No dishes, no hassle of going to the grocery store and no ingredients wasted.

seasoned! will not only fill your hungry body and soul but also save you time. So you can do more of what you love! Check out our HOW IT WORKS and MENU.

Where do seasoned! ingredients come from?

seasoned! is dedicated to finding farms and suppliers of the best tasting, top quality ingredients. We use local and seasonal organic produce whenever possible. Check out some of our suppliers below.

The meat, such as grass fed beef and organic chicken, is from Harmony Farms. The organic vegetables are from Tutti Frutti Farms. The eggs are from La Bahn Ranch, from cage-free happy chickens without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

How are seasoned! fresh meal kits packed?

Most of our ingredients are individually packed to deliver you fresh, great tasting ingredients. The rice pouches are BPA free, microwave-safe and also boilable. Sauces and pastes are measured and packed in portion cups made from 100% renewable resources. Each meal kit is packed in a compostable sugarcane bowl which you can serve your cooked meal in. The hassle of dish washing is on us!
* Some ingredients are meant to breathe, so you may see punctured holes in some of our packets.

What is the minimum order size?

Each meal kit is designed to serve one person. At a minimum, you can order any 3 meal kits from our menu, up to as many meal kits as you want.

Does seasoned! deliver to my neighborhood?

We currently deliver to limited areas in California.
Click here to view our ZIP code checker.

How much does the delivery cost?

We charge $5 flat delivery fee with a minimum order of 3 meal kits. If you order more than 3 meal kits, it is still $5.

When do my meal kits get delivered?

We currently offer Sunday deliveries. Our delivery crew will bring fresh meal kits right to your door between 5pm-9pm.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

Yes. seasoned! meal kits are made fresh to order. To maintain the highest quality of meal kits, we ask you to be at the delivery address to receive your delivery. Please refrigerate meal kits upon the delivery.

You can also tell us special delivery instructions if you want to authorize someone else to receive your delivery. (e.g. neighbors, gate code, doorman etc.)

Who delivers seasoned! meal kits?

seasoned! delivery crews will bring your fresh meal kits direct from our commercial kitchen. We don’t use big shipping providers to minimize the hassle of large delivery windows.

What if I miss my delivery?

We understand that life can be hectic, so if you miss a delivery, no problem. Just email us so we can figure out an alternate plan. In the meantime, we will hold your order overnight at our facility in temperature-appropriate conditions to keep it as fresh as possible. Please note, we can’t hold your order in-house for more than 24 hours and an additional $5 re-delivery charge will be applied.

How do I change an existing order?

Existing orders can be changed at any time before Friday 11:59PM PST by e-mailing us at info@seasonedmarket.com

How do I cancel an existing order?

Any open order can be cancelled or changed at any time before Friday 11:59PM PST. Existing orders can be cancelled by visiting your seasoned! account page.

Does seasoned! offer vegetarian options?

Yes! Korean Bibimbap with marinated mushrooms or Japanese Curry with organic tofu are some of our vegetarian friendly menu options. Check out our menu.

How long do seasoned! meal kits stay fresh?

All seasoned! meal kits are prepared to order. To enjoy the best tasting meals, check out the stamped date on the label inside each meal kit.

How does the referral program work?

Invite your friends and reward yourself a free meal kit!
When they make a minimum purchase, you will receive a free meal kit coupon code. Spread the word and share the delicious benefits of seasoned!
To send referrals, click here.

Can I send seasoned! as a gift?

Yes! seasoned! fresh meal kits are great gifts for friends and family you love. Busy professionals, curious foodies and even kids in dorms, we got you covered! Not sure they can cook? No problem! Cooking from scratch has never been so easy with seasoned! cooking instructions. They may find the joy of cooking and thank you forever!
Check out our gift options.

I have other questions. Who do I ask?

Send us an email at info@seasonedmarket.com
We try our best to answer all inquires and requests as soon as possible.

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