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Freshly prepared, ready-to-cook meal kits
delivered straight to your door.

Cook a wide variety of cuisines from scratch
without the hassle of prep or washing up.
Introducing seasoned! A healthy and
delicious way to eat and give you more
time to do the things you love.


It was an ordinary February 14th, with usual long hours of work. After surviving grisly freeway traffic, I realized my fridge at home had nothing to offer my hungry stomach. Going to a grocery store seemed too much of a challenge, and I had no energy to cook something from scratch anyway. I already had takeout for lunch and eating another fat-smothered-high-sodium restaurant meal seemed like a suicidal choice for my tired body and soul. Savoring the last chunks of bread and butter pickles from a jar, an idea came to me…

Fresh meal kits to cook delicious, healthy meals for one. Washed, chopped, seasoned and portioned high quality ingredients, delivered straight to your door. All with easy, one pot cooking instructions, ready in about 10 minutes. And served in a compostable sugarcane bowl to save the hassle of washing dishes.


Life is hectic and time is something we all need more of. seasoned! fresh meal kits will not only fill your hungry body and soul but also save you time. So you can do more of what you love.

seasoned! is just the beginning and we will never stop becoming more convenient, healthy and delicious.